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Partners and Sponsors

Agence Nationale de la Recherche Région Aquitaine
Ecole Française de Rome Ministère des affaires étrangères

Programme supported by the ANR


Funding of Computerized Atlas

The French Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs (MAEE)

The MAEE contributed to the groundwork of the Atlas through two PHC (Hubert Curian Partnerships, EGIDE), COGNITO with Croatia (2007) and PROTEUS with Slovenia (2005), as well as the ECO-NET (EGIDE) program with Slovenia (2007-2008). In addition, the MAEE finances excavation programs and surveys entitled Istria and the Sea which have led to the creation of the plans and maps necessary for the Atlas.


The French School of Rome (EFR)

In the tradition of continuing studies on the Adriatic, (having led to the publication of a column and bibliography on the ancient Adriatic in the MEFRA 1987-88, 1993, and 1997), the EFR has been financing the Atlas project in the form of missions and the purchase of documentation (maps and satellite imagery) since 2007. In March 2009 in Rome, they also organised a round table discussion which reunited key stakeholders and established the guiding terms and principles of the project.


The Aquitaine Region

Commencing in 2010 and for the following three years, the Aquitaine Region has financed the Atlas project through :

  • A postdoctoral bursary awarded to Dominique Baud, Geographer (One year contract, January 1st to December 31st, 2011),
  • Field missions,
  • Short-term employee contracts,
  • The purchase of geomatic equipment and materials,
  • The organization of a round table to take place in Bordeaux in 2012.


The National Research Agency (ANR)

The AdriAtlas Project was introduced as part of the “2010 White Edition Program”. It was selected by the ANR in June 2010 and will be financed for three years (From December 2010 to November 2013, under the n° 2010 BLANC 2013 01). The project, supported by Ausonius and coordinated by Francis Tassaux will be carried out in collaboration with two partners :

  • The French School of Rome,
  • The Digital Data Center M²ISA (Methodologies for the Modeling of Geographic Information Applied to Human and Social Sciences) in the Center for Indian and South Asian Studies, UMR 8564, CNRS / EHESS.

This support will allow for the funding of :

  • The recruitment of a contract researcher, Terek Sboui, for the development of the geoportal,
  • The recruitment of a contract webmaster, Lionel Rossignol, for the conception and creation of a Adriaticum Mare web portal,
  • The funding of services during the realization of the digital base map - Institute of Anthropological and Spatial Studies in Ljubljana,
  • Field missions,
  • Two scientific meetings to take place in Rome in 2012 and 2013.


Current fundings


The computer and geomatics monitoring of AdriAtlas is carried out by Nathalie Prévôt, ingénieur d’études in the Ausonius Institute, Clément Coutelier, ingénieur d’études in the LaScArBx (Laboratoire des Sciences archéologiques de Bordeaux) and Gérard Foliot, ingénieur de recherche in the TGIR Huma-Num ((Très Grande Infrastructure de Recherche) at Villeurbanne.

The writing of Emilia Romagna sites files is funding by a fellowship from BEN society and the University of Bologna.

The annual meeting of AdriAtlas, which will be held during the Round Table on 22nd and 23rd May in Bari is funding by the University of Bari, the Ecole française of Roma and the Ausonius Institut of Bordeaux.

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