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Partners and Sponsors

Agence Nationale de la Recherche Région Aquitaine
Ecole Française de Rome Ministère des affaires étrangères

Programme supported by the ANR


Partner Centers

French Partners


AUSONIUS, UMR 5607, CNRS / University of Bordeaux 3
Research Institute for Antiquity and the Middle Ages

Director: Jérôme France
Atlas Program Manager: Francis Tassaux


The French School of Rome (EFR)

Director : Catherine Virlouvet
Atlas Program Manager : Stéphane Bourdin


The Digital Data Center M²ISA (Methodologies for the Modeling of Geographic Information Applied to Human and Social Sciences) in the Center for the Study of India and Southeast Asia UMR 8564, CNRS / EHESS ; Maison des Sciences de l'Homme de Paris
Atlas Program Manager: Françoise Pirot
M²ISA is a Digital Data Center of the TGE ADONIS (Très Grand Equipement du CNRS / INSHS)


Partners of the Oriental Adriatic, listed from South to North


The Archaeological Institute of Tirana - Albania

Located within the Institute of Albanian Studies – under the authority of the Ministry of Education and Sciences

Atlas Program Manager : Luan Perzhita

The University of Zadar - Croatia

Atlas Program Manager : Slobodan Čače

The University of Pula - Croatia

Atlas Program Manager : Robert Matijašić

The Institute of Archaeology in Ljubljana - Slovenia

Research Establishment of the Slovenian Academy of Arts and Sciences (ZRC-SAZU)

Atlas Program Manager : Jana Horvat



Partners of the Western Adriatic, listed from North to South


The University of Trieste - Italy

Atlas Program Manager : Claudia Zaccaria and Fulvia Mainardis


The University of Verona - Italy

Atlas Program Manager : Patrizia Basso 


The University of Padua – Italy

Atlas Program Manager : Maria Stella Busana


The University of Ferrara – Italy

Atlas Program Manager : Livio Zerbini and Alberto Andreoli


The University of Bologna - Italy

Atlas Program Manager : A. Donati


The University of Macerata – Italy

Atlas Program Manager : G. Paci


The University of Chieti – Italy

Atlas Program Manager : Sara Santoro


The University of Foggia – Italy

Atlas Program Manager : Giuliano Volpe and Maria Luisa Marchi


The University of Bari - Italy

Atlas Program Manager : Silvio Fioriello


The University of Salento - Lecce - Italy

Atlas Program Manager : Giovanni Mastrunozzi


{mediabox src=images/Images-site/en_carte_4_centres_associes.jpg|t=Location of the centers partners}Localisation des centres partenaires{/mediabox}

Location of the centers partners


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