Partner Centers

French Partners


AUSONIUS, UMR 5607, CNRS / University of Bordeaux 3
Research Institute for Antiquity and the Middle Ages

Director: Jérôme France
Atlas Program Manager: Francis Tassaux


The French School of Rome (EFR)

Director : Catherine Virlouvet
Atlas Program Manager : Stéphane Bourdin


The Digital Data Center M²ISA (Methodologies for the Modeling of Geographic Information Applied to Human and Social Sciences) in the Center for the Study of India and Southeast Asia UMR 8564, CNRS / EHESS ; Maison des Sciences de l'Homme de Paris
Atlas Program Manager: Françoise Pirot
M²ISA is a Digital Data Center of the TGE ADONIS (Très Grand Equipement du CNRS / INSHS)


Partners of the Oriental Adriatic, listed from South to North


The Archaeological Institute of Tirana - Albania

Located within the Institute of Albanian Studies – under the authority of the Ministry of Education and Sciences

Atlas Program Manager : Luan Perzhita

The University of Zadar - Croatia

Atlas Program Manager : Slobodan Čače

The University of Pula - Croatia

Atlas Program Manager : Robert Matijašić

The Institute of Archaeology in Ljubljana - Slovenia

Research Establishment of the Slovenian Academy of Arts and Sciences (ZRC-SAZU)

Atlas Program Manager : Jana Horvat



Partners of the Western Adriatic, listed from North to South


The University of Trieste - Italy

Atlas Program Manager : Claudia Zaccaria and Fulvia Mainardis


The University of Verona - Italy

Atlas Program Manager : Patrizia Basso 


The University of Padua – Italy

Atlas Program Manager : Maria Stella Busana


The University of Ferrara – Italy

Atlas Program Manager : Livio Zerbini and Alberto Andreoli


The University of Bologna - Italy

Atlas Program Manager : A. Donati


The University of Macerata – Italy

Atlas Program Manager : G. Paci


The University of Chieti – Italy

Atlas Program Manager : Sara Santoro


The University of Foggia – Italy

Atlas Program Manager : Giuliano Volpe and Maria Luisa Marchi


The University of Bari - Italy

Atlas Program Manager : Silvio Fioriello


The University of Salento - Lecce - Italy

Atlas Program Manager : Giovanni Mastrunozzi


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Location of the centers partners


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