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The Adriaticum Mare Association

The International Association of the Adriaticum Mare, presided over by Slobodan Čače, was founded around the round table of Zadar in 2001, and officialised in Bordeaux on December 28th, 2003. The organization exists to promote and encourage scientific research on the Adriatic antiquity and in particular:


  • To create a web atlas documenting the ancient Adriatic,
  • To aid in the preparation of research projects promoting study on the region,
  • To assist in the organization of scientific conferences and exhibitions,  
  • To promote information sharing between scientific centers and the training of young researchers,
  • To encourage and support scientific publications on the Adriatic antiquity,
  • To highlight and contribute to the protection of the historic and archaeological heritage of the Adriatic region.


Since March 2006, the headquarters and administration of the Adriaticum Mare has been situated at the Maison de l'Archéologie, Université de Bordeaux 3 - Michel de Montaigne, 8 Esplanade des Antilles, 33607 Pessac Cedex, France.